27 Sep

I believe that money is important to provide for basic essentials and some reassurance that we will have resources to live as comfortable a life as possible. However, how much money is enough? On your deathbed, you will not wish for more money. You will want more time. Every second that passes depletes this reserve. You are not getting it back. Most importantly, you do not know how much more you have left. With each passing second, since you were born, you are one second closer to death. Is that second home, better watch, more prestigious car, or remaining in a well-paying job that you dislike worth the sacrifice of your most precious asset? Overcome your fear of not having enough money for retirement. Overcome your need for that latest shiny object.  Get off the hedonic treadmill where you experience a temporary surge in happiness with the acquisition of a new material object only to return to baseline some days, weeks, or months later.  Reach out today to examine your values and protect your most valuable asset--time! Psychotherapy can help you connect with the feelings and thoughts that keep you from living a more balanced, free, and fulfilled life.  

Post by Stefan C. Dombrowski, Ph.D.


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