05 Sep

If you are a thoughtful, analytical, person then you are likely a good problem solver in your work life.  However, "analysis-paralysis" is a saying in the business world that resonates well in the mental health community.  Analysis-paralysis has its roots in rumination.  Rumination is the process of thinking, over and over, about something, past or present, that takes you out of the moment and often spirals downward toward anxiety and lack of action. When we ruminate we think we are problem-solving and taking action but we are not.  We are simply treading water, sometimes with our head barely above the surface.  

Most importantly, rumination steals our happiness and hope.  It keeps us in a cycle of anxiety that seizes our enjoyment of life's precious moments with family, kids, friends, and loved ones.  It can even get so bad that it pushes other people away.  I often say to my clients that "rumination is the peace killer."  Being thoughtful and thinking through possibilities is helpful.  Ruminating, obsessing, and over thinking is not.  The good news is there is hope.  We can help you explore the triggers to your rumination and help you break this habit, one step at a time!  

Post by Stefan C. Dombrowski, Ph.D.


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